Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Common Symptoms of Stress That You May Be Experiencing

More often than not, stress has a way of creeping up on people and they don't even realise it's there untill it's vert severe. The main problem to overcome with stress is the diversity of both the symptoms and reactions of people with those symptoms. Learning to recognise the symptoms sooner will lead to getting effective treatment even faster. keep reading to learn about common symptoms of stress so you can identify them.

If you let stress have an impact on your eating habits, it can cause you to either lose or gain weight. If you feel too tense to eat, you may be skipping meals, and this isn't a good way to lose weight, as you could be missing out on necessary nutrients. Some people also develop eating disorders that are stress - related, and these can also cause an unnatural reduction in weight. Eating the wrong types of food can cause you to gain weight, just as easy as overeating. Emotional eating is one of the symptoms of stress and it can be dangerous. Doing this on a regular basis is a leading cause of obesity and makes it difficult to cut back those calories. By managing your stress you should be able to take steps to manage your eating habits. Unfortunately, you are not the only one suffering fr4om the effects of your uncontrolled stress because your family and friends are also affected especially in your personal and professional dealings with them. Your temper can also be intolerant of others so much so that being rude has now become a part of your daily life. Stress adversely impacts on the way we react to situations like big arguments over small matters, road rage over trivial traffic infractions and extreme frustration over irrelevent issues. Your personal and professional relationships suffer to the point of irreparability, which enphasizes the necessity to find ways to control your stress to manageable levels.

Stress can make you think you are having other serious medical conditions when you're really not. Some symptoms of stress such as difficulty in breathing, lightheadedness and chest pains are indicative of a panic attack brought on by stress. of course, if you or someone around you has symptoms like this, it's important to have it checked out medically to rule out a physical cause. There are several treatments available for stress related heart attack symptoms so you will need to seek out medical help if you are having any of these symptoms. If you know you suffer from panic attacks or other symptoms such as those above you can with the help of your physician learn to manage your stress and keep these symptoms to a minimum.

The symptoms of stress are never pleasant. Positive changes can happen if you are more aware of the things in your life that cause you stress. Stress can make life bad in many ways, but finding ways to prevent it will help you improve the quality of life.


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