Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

Are you considering using hypnotherapy to lose weight? Many great things have been said about weight loss with hypnotherapy, so the question is, does weight loss hypnotherapy really work?

Hypnotherapy is used to change your attitude towards food to a more healthier option.  Many people have used hypnotherapy to quit smoking so its only natural to believe that losing weight with hypnotherapy will work in a similar way.  People have often misunderstood hypnotherapy and believe  that as soon as they have completed their treatment they will immediately start to eat fruit and vegetables instead of sweets , chocolate and crisps.  While this will be the case for some, for many others it may be different.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss was introduced around the same time that people started to use it to quit smoking.  There are proven cases where hypnotherapy was used to help people stop bad habits, so if you are seriously thinking about, and need to lose weight you may want to consider some hypnotherapy treatment.

In recent years hypnotherapy has been used as an effective way to lose weight.  Case studies have included an average women who lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks with almost no effort at all, to the obese women who lost an astounding 80 pounds from just using these hypnotic techniques taught to her during therapy sessions.

Hypnotherapy works by giving the subconscious mind suggestions.  These suggestions can range from making certain foods appear undesirable, to suggesting to your boy's self image that you really are a slim person.
While weight hypnotherapy is an ideal way to lose the pounds, many hypnotherapists don't preach it to be the be all and end all.  Effective weight loss using hypnotherapy is best when taken together with a suitable diet, an ample amount of water to avoid dehydration, regular exercise and rest.

 Although hypnotherapy is an excellent method to use to lose weight, indulging in that extra sweet after every meal isn't going to help.  Fortunately, hypnotherapy can help reinforce that unwanted behavior pattern as well.  infact clients of hypnotherapy have often reported that things "just fall into place".  Their eating patterns have naturally changed into a much healthier option, without all the mental struggling they have encountered in the past.

To start yourself off, contact your local hypnotherapist and request an introductory session about weight loss.  The therapist will tailor the treatment to your needs, diet, and habits. For example, if you've tried other diets but constantly found yourself quitting or failing halfway through, this may be something that the hypnotherapist could address and a solution would be worked on. Another example would be if you're constantly tempted by a specific kind of food, the therapist could tailor your sessions to tackling that habit - In general you can expect permanent weight loss results by about 2 months of once a week visits.

If you find the cost of going to a hypnotherapist in person is too expensive, weight loss by the method of listening to self- hypnosis CDs may be a cost-effective option. These recordings are designed to subconsciously help you lose weight. They can not only be vocal, but also have a hypnotic background designed to put you into trance.

(Ray Ronson)

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