Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Increasing Mind Power

Increasing Mind Power

Have you ever considered the many ways there are to increase your mind power?  There are many methods, the following are just a few.

The following are powerful excersises to be used to increase your mind power, these have been used and proven to increase the rate at which your brain produces new brain cells to keep your brain alert and functioning to its maximum. These excersises are physical, cardio and mental.

To increase your mind power you need to begin by eating more healthy foods and if needed, take nutritional supplements such as - Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E, folic acid, selenium and alpha-lopoic acid, these are all associated with improved memory function. Fish, green,  vegetables, nuts (Almonds are believed to improve memory) lean meat and olive oil are all considered to be excellent foods to stimulate brain.

Ginkgo Biloba, a herbal supplement increases blood flow to the brain, another supplement, St. John's Wort  has also been shown to assist with increasing mind power by creating a positive mood; apple juice is renowned for its ability to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which results in increased memory. It has been suggested to avoid foods high in starch i.e. pasta, rice, and white bread as they can deplete B-complexVitamins.

Restful sleep, at least 5 hours a night, meditation, yoga or just taking time out to relax, these are all excellent therapies for your mind. Fatigue or stress will deplete much of your brains energy, which in turn will affect your brain function and memory. Try taking advantage of  'power naps' these are believed to improve mind power, 'power naps' are short 10 minute naps during the middle of the day.

Things like creative writing, crossword puzzles and speed reading will keep your brain stimulated,  increasing your brains sharpness and agility, just like muscular excersise, your brain requires exercise to function at its best and just like your body the brain needs a period of rest so that it can proccess and digest new information more easily and arrange it in the correct area allowing for easier access when the information is needed to be recalled.

Increasing your mind power doesn't necessarily mean increasing your intelligence; rather it is a way of using your brain and memory more effectively, increasing the speed of access to information and preventing the loss of brain or mind function. Keeping your mind and brain fit and healthy is just as important as it is for the rest of your body and it is never too late to start.

(Ray Ronson)

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  1. Nice article and good start up to improve our Mind Power. Thank you.

  2. The techniques on how to increase mind power are really just simple. It is important that we are ware of these things because the mind can really become a great tool to achieve almost anything.