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Using Positive Affirmations

Using Positive Affirmations

It has been proven that using positive affirmations will dramatically improve your lifes outcomes, this is well supported by medical and scientific evidence. Whichever part of your life you choose to improve, health, career, bad habits,  a positive attitude is a major factor in achieving success.

'Positive Thinking' techniques are one of the most popular and widely known because they are simple to use and are effective.  Any self-help or success strategy will use these tecniques to achieve the desired outcome.

A large percentage of all the thoughts you have daily are negative. These negative thoughts damage your ability to succeed and can eventually affect your health. Using positive affirmations is an excellent way to combat this negativity and gain control of your thinking.

Positive affirmations are short positive statements that you repeat to yourself on a  regular basis or you can leave them around written on post-its where they will be easily seen.  To create them they must be positive, in the present tense and state something that is wanted. The secret is to keep them brief as this makes it easier for them to be remembered and repeated.

Positive affirmations will challenge your negative thoughts and beliefs. Used correctly these affirmations will curb the flow of negative thoughts and the words that give them power over you.   Using affirmations is more than just repeating words over and over. It is a process of becoming aware of your thoughts and words in your day to day life. The more you can consciously include the positive intent of your affirmations into your daily thoughts and words, the quicker they wil take effect and work for you.

By developing small but positive changes in your mindset you can gain an enormous impact on your success.  Simply put, if you can steer your thinking onto a positive path , the benefits will follow naturally. A positive attitude is very important when it comes to your health and emotional wellbeing because many illnesses and ailments have been associated with negative beliefs and emotions.

Virtually every aspect of your life can be linked to your own beliefs and behaviors. The choices you make and the behaviors you have today will be the things that determine your future tomorrow. If you desire your future to be better than your past you need to change the thoughts that created that past and change them for ones that will bring you the future you want. Positive affirmations and positive thinking techniques are one of the best ways to achieve this.

(Ray Ronson)

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