Friday, November 30, 2012

Hypnotherapy for Athletic and Sports Improvement

Hypnotherapy for Athletic and Sports Improvement.

Mentally rehersing before a game or match is not a new idea, visualising playing a gameor undertaking event and already seeing it as won while in hypnosisis a techinique practiced by many top athletes and sports persons.  For example, some professional sports persons or teams employ the services of Hypnotists or use therapeutic recordings as part of their routine training for motivation and for revitalising their physical body.  These hypnotic techniques may also asist in easing their physical aches as well as installing psychological well-being and enthusiasm.

Fear is the greatest enemy of many athletes: fear of losing, fear of injury, being humiliated in public or even a fear of winning.  There are athletes and sports persons who play excellently while practising but will freeze up during an actual game or event while under the watchful or critical eye of spectators.  This pressure often inhibits a good performance. 

Athletes must be relaxed enough to perform well, this allows their natural coordination and timing to flow with the movement of their game.  In this flow their every movement feels right.  Hypnosis can bypass the critical and doubting parts of their mind to allow them to experience their fullest potential. 

Hypnotherapy for sports or athletic improvement can be utilized  for both competitive and non competitive sports and can help sports persons fine tune their concentration allowing them to use better their body's natural adrenalin for a greater and more focused performance.

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