Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hypnotherapy For The Treatment Of Alcoholism

Hypnotherapy For The Treatment Of Alcoholism

The Greeks, Romans and Egyptians were then first civilisations to use healing techniques that have now evolved into what is now termed 'Hypnotherapy'.  These methods of healing are today used to treat a variety of illnesses, emotional problems including alcoholism.  Hypnotherapy has been proven a safe and effective form of treatment and has been adopted by many health care professionals as a complementary therapy for many ailments.  So is hypnotherapy effective in the treatment of alcoholism?

The therapeutic effects of hypnotherapy are the successful implanting of positive suggestions and helping tense and anxious people to relax by putting them into a relaxed state of mind.  The habit of excessive alcohol consumption is something that has been installed into the minds of chronic alcohol drinkers by various factors which may include social upbringing, peer influence, media advertising or problems dealing with stress.

There are those that believe hypnotherapy does not deal directly with the causes but instead helps reduce the symptoms of alcohol cravings which lead to excessive consumption of alcohol.  For example people may binge drinkto cope with the stress of lifes problems such as work or relationships.  Hypnotherapy is used as a tool to relax the mind of a client rather than brow-beating or commanding them to be stress free.

Many of the triggers of alcohol cravings which lead to binge drinking cannot be avoided during everyday situations so hypnotherapy has an important role to play in this area.  It can help clients to cope with the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal along with teaching them relaxation techniques and along with expert counselling can introduce empowering thoughts and ideas that profound affect on people suffering from alcoholism.

To conclude, hypnotherapy treatment along with counselling can help treat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and cravings and has an important role to play in helping clients set realistic goals and to achieve them.

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