Sunday, June 2, 2013

Is it your birthday today?

June 2nd The Day of The Problem Solvers

For those born on June 2, problems and difficulties abound.  This is not as bad as it seems, however, for dealing with these obstacles is for them a way of life.  As a matter of fact, when things are going smoothly, June 2 people may search for or even create new problems to work on.  Those born on this day often choose professions where they help others to cope with difficulty.  In this way, they can outwardly objectify personal problems that they have been dealing with all their lives.  Rarely will June 2 women marry a simple, uncomplicated person.  Indeed, being married to a problematic personality provides endless challenges, but also interesting involvement.  Unfortunately, those women who have such a relationship can also suffer deep emotional frustration coming to grips with the limitations of their partner and the denial of their own needs.

The lives of  June 2 people are rarely if ever dull.  Indeed, constant variety is required to satisfy the complicated needs and urges of those born on this day, and thus new projects, new endeavours abound.  Failure in no dampens the enthusiasm of these hardy souls.  In fact, June 2 people grow more steadfast to calamities of all sorts.  Ultimately nothing is viewed as an overwhelming catastrophe in a life chock-full of small disasters - everything becomes relative, a matter of degree.  Because those born on this day are super-dependable and capable of handling most any crisis that comes along, they are extremely valuable both at home and at work.  They must, however, control an indication for offering unwanted advice.

Unsurprisingly, the emotional life of June 2 people is rocky.  Their feelings are very complex and difficult to characterize.  Though as stated above, June 2 people handle crisis with great aplomb, in their own lives lasting calm sometimes seems out of reach, as they go through periodic upheavals.  Moreover, their impulses lead them not to security, comfort and happiness but to more precarious situations.

Although they value freedom, it is actually commitment which attracts June 2 people.  Again and again they essentially give up their personal freedom by tying themselves to someone else.  They actually may be either contributing to the other person's unhappiness or to their own, but as they see it everything is for the good.  Rarely do June 2 people recognise the unusual nature of their relationships, nor are they particularly interested in fathoming out their own "problems".  Yet though all of their difficulties, the excellent organizers born on this day do achieve a kind of stability in their lives and as they grow older it seems as if there is nothing that they cannot handle.


Those born on the 2nd of the month are ruled by the number 2 and by the Moon.  Since those ruled by the number 2 are better co-workers and partners, this helps June 2 people fit in better at work and in relationships.  However, it may also act as a brake on serious individual initiative and action, producing frustration, especially since the moon's influence is strongly reflective and passive.  The combined influence of the Moon and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) can make for glib and facile responses, and a desire to please; this is  particularly true for many second children born on this day who up subordinated to a more powerful sibling.


The 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess, shown seated on her throne, calm and impenetrable.  She is a spiritual women who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering us with knowledge.  Favourable qualities of this card are silence, intuition, reserve and discretion; negative values are secretiveness, mistrust, indifference and inertia.


Since June 2nd people are usually social creatures, they may gain weight after too many parties and dinners out.  Vegetarian dishes can serve to limit excess fat in the diet and when at home June 2nd people can better control their calorie intake by developing cooking skills.  As far as exercise is concerned,one-on-one competitive sports like squash and tennis are good for June 2nd people and release their frustrations.  Those born on this day are themselves experts in matters of health and diet but should beware of giving too much advice to others except, of course, in a professional capacity.  Regular and extended holidays are essential for the overworked nervous systems of those born on this day.


Don't carry the world on your shoulders.  Think of yourself more often and cultivate independence.  Don't always involve other people in your plans; try doing things alone sometimes.  Actively seek happiness and contentment.  Be guarded with your advice.


"Wishes too often come true"


Problem Solving


Problem Creating


Thomas Hardy (British 19th c. novelist, Tess of the D'Urbervilles, Jude the Obscure)

Charlie Watts (British drummer, Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts Big Band)

Marquis de Sade (French writer, Justine, sexual sadist, writer of pornographic works, tales of depravity, served many years in prison for sado-masochistic crimes)
Edward Elgar (British Victorian composer)

Johnny Weissmuller (US Olympic five gold medal-winning freestyle swimmer, actor, Tarzan)