Sunday, May 25, 2014

Can You Lose Those Unwanted Pounds? - Yes You Can!

If you have been overweight most of your life then you have more than likely asked yourself can I lose these excess pounds? will i ever lose these pounds?  You're not alone; people who have or have had weight problems ask themselves this everyday.

There are millions of people around the world that are overweight and feel like there is no end in sight to their problem and will be stuck with their excess weight forever.  Well the good news is you can lose those pounds, you can lose weight!  Lets say it one more time for good measure;  You can lose those pounds!

Here is the first step, you have to stop asking yourself if you can lose weight and start telling yourself you will lose weight, tell yourself you will beat this and tell yourself you will overcome!  We are often our own worst enemy and to overcome our own weakness can be one of our greatest challenges.

However to win the battle over your weight issue you first have to win the battle against yourself.  Once you have achieved this there will not be much standing in your way of achieving your weight loss goal.

The next step is to surround yourself with a network of people that will support you in your weight loss plan.....and not work against you, it may be hard to believe but there will be people close to you that may not want you to succeed.  You need to learn to recognise the signs of this and refuse to allow them to damage your confidence and motivation.

Once you have done this, surround yourself with people you know will support you when you need to be because you know there are going to be times when you are not at your strongest and will need support to see you through these rough periods.

Even though you are the one that makes the ultimate decision on if either you succeed or not, you do have to have a good support network around you to do this.  No great champion has ever won any battle alone; he or she have always had a great team/support network around them.  This is no different than any other competition except the stakes are higher: your peace of mind and possibly your life expectancy.

Now that you are in a positive frame of mind and have your support network around you, now is the time to design an exercise plan to undertake along with your diet.  This does not have to mean vigorous workouts in your local gym, just an increase in your daily physical movement.  Dieting alone will not lose your excess weight, so remember, exercise!

Cutting back on your calorie and fat intake is good and you can lose plenty of weight doing both of these.  However, if you have an exercise plan where you are burning calories along with a healthy diet you can be where you want to be in a surprisingly short space of time.

It's up to you now, you have the plan, you have the positive frame of mind and you have your support network around you.  Now it's time to get what you deserve and what you want, just keep your eye on the prize and let nothing stand in your way.....You will come out on top!

Lastly when undertaking any weight loss method it is recommended to first seek advice from your General Practitioner or medical professional.

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