Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hypnotherapy for Warts

The small non cancerous solid growths on the skin are commonly known as warts. These growths are made up of enlarged skin cells caused by a virus and are most often found on the hands and feet eventually disappearing of their own accord.

The most common type of warts are rough, horny, brownish or skin coloured occuring mostly in children, usually on their hands. Children tend to scratch warts leading to the spreading of the virus causing more warts to appear.

Plantar Warts also known as Verrucas occur on the soles of the feet and are similar to the common warts, however this type of wart grows into the skin instead of outwards and is more painful. They spread rapidly from person to person in common changing rooms for swimming and other sports and activities where people go barefoot.

plain warts appear flat and light brown in colour and are commonly found on the face. Filiform warts appear as short hard threads and are often seen on the neck, face, chin and eyelids. They can look unsightly but are harmless and eventually disappear over time.

Under Hypnosis the sufferer is given post hypnotic suggestions that the warts will gradually lose their food supply, fade away and eventually drop off.

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