Tuesday, November 3, 2015


What is a Phobia?

A Phobia can be described as an irrational fear of a place, object or situation.

Most common Phobias are a fear of a specific thing such as flying, insects and hights.

Agoraphobia is a fear of being in situations where one feels extreme fear and anxiety in places where there appears to be no escape or help is unavailable such as in in a large crowd, traveling on a train or just waiting in a queue at the supermarket.

A Social Phobia is an intense fear of being the centre of attention in a social or performing environment.

How do Phobias Develop?

Phobias are extremly common and can start during childhood after a traumatic event or in an attempt to make sense of some intense panic or anxiety, for example "I'm feeling fear so i must be frightened of something".

What Happens During a Phobia?

When a person suffering with a phobia find themselves facing the feared object or situation they experience instant anxiety. The physical symptoms of this anxiety may include a racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, trembling, sweating and discomfort in the abdominal areas. The emotional content of a phobia may include the sufferer experiencing an intense fear of losing control, embarrasing themselves or passing out. The sufferer may attempt to escape the situation and then try to avoid similar situations in the future. This avoiding action may be fairly easy if the object feared is one like a spider or snake which is not often encountered, but in Agoraphobia or Social Phobia avoiding the situation which is feared creates severe restrictions and limitationson the sufferer's lifestyle. Having to escape or avoid the feared object or situation may compound the fear making it even more frightening.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help Eliminate a Phobia?

Hypnotherapy works by neutralizing the negative thoughs and emotions that trigger the phobic response whether those thoughts, emotions or memories are supressed or remembered. Hypnosis is natural, drug free having no side effects and eliminates the symptoms of the phobia quickly and permanently. Eliminating and neutralizing the physical and emotional symptoms of a phobia will have a positive impact on the lives of phobia sufferers.

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