Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hypnotherapy and Stammering

In the United Kingdom the most common speech problem is stammering which affects about four people out of a hundred - mainly men.

The possible causes for stammering include emotional shock, distressing experiences in childhood: a delay in the brain's mechanism for checking what it has heard; slow development of the co-ordination of tongue, palate and lips are needed for speech; and, mostly among people over 50 years of age, partial paralysis of the mouth and face following a stroke.

In children aged between two and five, stammering can be the result of overanxious parents making them feel that something is wrong if they have difficulty in speaking, or are stuck for words.

Using Hypnotherapy in the treatment of stammering where appropriate, sufferers can be taken back in time - regressed - to attempt to discover the root cause of the problem and explore its emotional content. In all cases, ego-strengthening techniques are used while the client is in a hypnotic relaxed state. Self hypnosis can, aided with pre-recorded CDs be applied for speech problems. Visualising difficult social situations under hypnosis, while at the same time receiving positive suggestions may also help to desensitise some stammerers.

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